Miami Beach Referendum #3 will successfully finish the job of the newly renovated Convention Center by adding a privately-funded, new connected headquarter hotel. Miami Beach has been anticipating a completed Convention Center, and a vote YES will deliver this long-held vision without seeking funds from Miami Beach taxpayers. The hotel will generate $225 million in additional revenue for the city which will fund local schools, resiliency projects and traffic reduction measures.

By approving a connected hotel for the convention center, residents can ensure that Miami Beach has the edge when applying for major events and conferences—whether Art Basel, eMerge Americas, medical conventions, or world-class events.

Without a headquarter hotel, the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau has estimated that Miami Beach has lost $130 million in revenue from conventions lost.

Community Benefits

Miami Beach will benefit from a privately-funded convention center hotel that improves our economy, generates thousands of jobs, and relieves the burden on taxpayers by creating a new source of revenue for the City. The new revenue would be used to invest in our future and enhance our quality of life in Miami Beach. It is an opportunity to fund projects that we have otherwise had a hard time funding, including: education and local schools, stormwater and resiliency projects to combat flooding, and traffic reduction measures.


The privately-funded convention center hotel will create hundreds of new, quality full-time jobs for Miami Beach residents, help local businesses succeed, and improve the city’s economy.

  • The privately-financed hotel will bring $362 million in new investment to Miami Beach – without a public subsidy and without any Miami Beach taxpayer dollars.
  • Rent generated by this convention center hotel will result in a minimum of over $16 million dollars of new city revenue in the first ten years, or a percentage of the hotel’s annual revenues—whichever of the two amounts is greater. This will result in an overall win for Miami Beach taxpayers!


The revenue from the privately-funded hotel will provide desperately needed funding to pay for local schools and education programs, stormwater and resiliency projects to combat flooding, and traffic reduction measures.

The additional funds would pay for an investment in our future and is an opportunity to enhance our quality of life in Miami Beach that would otherwise have a hard time funding.

Education funding

Revenue generated from the convention center hotel will provide direct funding for Miami Beach local schools. Schools continue to be underfunded by Tallahassee politicians and we have the opportunity to make sure our kids and schools get the resources they desperately need. Miami Beach Referendum #3 is an easy way to invest in our public schools, our teachers, and our children’s future.

Stormwater mitigation & Resiliency projects

The new revenue to the City will also pay for much needed infrastructure projects aimed at stormwater and flooding mitigation. These projects, which are aimed at resiliency and sustainability, would help fight back against rising waters as a result of King Tide, sunny-day flooding, the increasingly powerful storms and hurricanes that put Miami Beach at risk every year, and sea level rise. This is a priority we must invest in.

Traffic solutions

Traffic remains one of Miami Beach’s biggest headaches and, in addition to the convention center hotel’s privately-funded infrastructure upgrades, new revenue generated to the City will fund projects that alleviate traffic on Miami Beach. Traffic reduction measures include: expanding access to alternate modes of transportation, linking with existing transit routes, technology upgrades for our existing transit infrastructure, and improving the pedestrian experience across the city. That means more bus routes, more bike lanes, and more ways to traverse Miami Beach without clogging the streets with additional, needless vehicle traffic.

Miami Beach Referendum #3: What we are proposing?

On November 6th, voters have the opportunity to approve a lease for the privately funded convention center hotel. The exact ballot language can be FOUND HERE. If approved, the lease will be used to fund local schools and education, resiliency projects and traffic mitigation efforts. The referendum needs 60% of voters to approve to pass.