A vote YES on Miami Beach Referendum #3 will complete the Miami Beach Convention Center by granting permission for a 100% privately-funded, new connected headquarter hotel.



What’s in it for Miami Beach and our residents?

Completing the convention center with a privately-funded headquarter hotel will help keep existing events such as Art Basel and E-Merge Americas and attract new, world-class events - giving our convention center the opportunity to live up to its full potential.

Additionally, the new privately-funded hotel will generate $16 Million in new guaranteed revenue for Miami Beach. The total projected new revenue is $225 million, which will fund local schools and education programs, stormwater and resiliency projects to combat flooding, and traffic reduction measures. Other benefits include hundreds of new quality jobs for Miami Beach residents and a boost to our local economy.


Miami Beach Referendum #3 will successfully finish the job of the newly renovated Convention Center by adding a privately-funded, new connected headquarter hotel. Miami Beach has been anticipating a completed Convention Center, and a vote YES will deliver this long-held vision without seeking funds from Miami Beach taxpayers. The hotel will generate $225 million in additional revenue for the city which will fund local schools, resiliency projects and traffic reduction measures.

By approving a connected hotel for the convention center, residents can ensure that Miami Beach has the edge when applying for major events and conferences—whether Art Basel, eMerge Americas, medical conventions, or world-class events.

Education funding

Revenue generated from the convention center hotel will provide direct funding for Miami Beach local schools....More

Stormwater mitigation & Resiliency projects

The new revenue to the City will also pay for much needed infrastructure projects aimed at stormwater and flooding mitigation...More

Traffic solutions

Traffic remains one of Miami Beach’s biggest headaches and, in addition to the convention center hotel’s privately-funded infrastructure upgrades....More


Question No. 3 needs 60 percent of voters to approve it. With the newly renovated convention center — made over for about $620 million — it would be irresponsible for voters to squander this investment by letting the opportunity to build an accompanying hotel slip away. Miami Herald Editorial Board, October 03, 2018
The new plan is 100 feet lower — whacked by one-third while still able to contain the 800 rooms needed; traffic will enter into the bottom of the building, minimally affecting traffic. Miami Herald Editorial Board, October 03, 2018
The new design is calmer, more in keeping with the surrounding area than the behemoth of 2016, and it’s green, as in environmentally smart, with back-up power, water collectors and flood mitigation elements. Gambling and casinos would be prohibited. The Fillmore at the Jackie Gleason Theatre would remain open and functional during and after construction. Miami Herald Editorial Board, October 03, 2018
The Greater Miami and The Beaches Hotel Association’s top priorities is the immediate renovation and expansion of the Miami Beach Convention Center, to include a convention center headquarters hotel. Tim Nardi, Chairman, GMBHA
Loews Hotels believes a renovated Convention Center with a new hotel will attract high caliber conferences and visitors, further benefiting the local hospitality industry including hotels, restaurants and retail. Additionally, the privately funded hotel will allow the destination to create meaningful new jobs and generate tax revenues for various City of Miami Beach community initiatives. Jonathan M. Tisch, Chairman & CEO, Loews Hotels
We believe a fully renovated convention center with an adjacent hotel will allow our destination to effectively compete with other major convention markets. Robert I. Finvarb, Robert Finvarb Companies